Personal, Business and Corporate Development

With rare intuition and 360-degree authenticity, citrus coaching works with clients to catalyze growth, change and clarity in all aspects of business and life.

People come to Citrus Coaching Solutions because they want change and the bold, energetic style that invigorates citrus. Citrus is authentic, challenging and tireless in helping clients move forward. Unwavering commitment to each client’s success keeps the citrus coaching relationship juicy and alive.

Personal Coaching

Citrus offers several different coaching approaches to help you create a life of greater fulfillment. With coaching, you get out what you put in and to help you choose the most appropriate program for you, take a moment to consider the 3 ingredients you supply – time, energy and money.

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Business Coaching

Coaching can play a critical role in corporations. Overwhelming task lists, office politics, unclear job descriptions, lack of reporting structure and little to no performance feedback are all too common. If employees aren’t happy, the company isn’t going to be profitable and everybody loses.

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Corporate Development

Whenever and wherever people come together, the best and the worst in us emerges. At work, where we spend an average of 70% of our waking life together, our ability to navigate and leverage our differences becomes critical. In fact, organizational success rests twice...

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Get ready for big changes when you work with Citrus Coaching!

Meet Christina

Christina Sestan

Founder & CEO

Christina discovered coaching quite by accident after the shutdown of the corporate aviation base where she…

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What our customers are saying


Cindy Bui

Consultant, Propaganda

I have received a lot of positive feedbacks on your performance. You were very professional, positive and focused through out the session. I am expecting to see some changes as we shift our focus towards positivity, and make it a more enjoyable working environment for everyone's well being.


Kevin Andrews

Manager Westbank Branch, Interior Savings Credit Union*

They are all coming back fresh, alive and regenerated. They are complementing her on how she brings things down to a more practical, useful and understanding level. It's great to see the enthusiasm remain constant.


Sally Cornies

Asst. Manager, Interior Savings Credit Union

I wanted to thank you again Christina for a really inspirational two days! I always head out for training sessions with great trepidation as I do not like being in the spotlight or voicing my opinions in front of a group. Like a lot of people, I find this very uncomfortable. But . . . . . you took the discomfort out of it by creating a friendly, safe environment. I got so much out of the session and I’m really, really looking forward to putting it into practice.


Dominic Vinci

VP Sales & Service, Interior Savings Credit Union*

I have received very good positive feedback about this session. The content is good and most of all, Christina, the presenter is awesome. Staff are getting a lot from the training.


Joanne Stinson

, Manager, Learning & Organizational Development, City of Burnaby

Christina is a star. Of all the consultants and professional facilitators that we bring into our organization Christina is the top 10% in terms of employee feedback and evaluation. Once staff members have experienced her work she is highly sought after to be brought back into the organization. In addition to classroom facilitation, she has coached staff and worked with in-tact teams to assist in strengthening relationships and working through differences.

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