The Virtual program is a self-directed coaching process that guides you through 4 key stages to success. Laid out according to my “Inside/Out” coaching model, it is based on the simple developmental truth that before we can know what we want, we must “KNOW THYSELF.”

The first section is called “I AM,” and is designed for exploring inside yourself to get a sense of who you REALLY are. The second section is called “I WANT,” and this is where your focus shifts to the world around you, exploring all the areas of life through the powerful “wheel of life” tool. In the third section called “HOW TO GET THERE,” you’ll be mapping out your game-plan and strategy. This is where you take all the great ideas from the previous sections and start anchoring them in a practical and realistic plan. And finally, the forth section is called “CHALLENGES AND SUCCESSES ALONG THE WAY” where your ongoing accountability phase begins – celebrating successes, discovering where you’re falling short and what you need to do to get back on track. This is where the rubber of your plan meets the road of life.
This program includes one weekly email exercise to help you stay on track. You will receive email feedback and encouragement throughout the 6 months.

Program details: 4 EM check-ins/month for 6 months

Fee: $100/mo