Values and what we stand for:

Authenticity/Transparency – we are committed to saying what we mean and standing behind that. No pussyfooting to avoid your disappointment or get you to like us. We will say it like we see it.

Collaboration/connection/partnership – we know that true transformation comes from an open and trusting relationship and a strong connection. We also know that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Competency/Professionalism – in Steven Covey’s words, we keep our saw sharp. We engage in perpetual growth, development and training, continually evolving and expanding best practices.

Rigor/resilience – we know how easy it is to let ourselves off the hook. We hold you accountable to what you say you want. No excuses. Rigor is to growth and development what rebar is to construction. The inner workings that make something stronger.

Elegance – if you’re going to do something, why not do it with grace and elegance, honoring both the form and function of an experience.

Excellence – few things rival the experience of being our best. We support our clients to invest 100% of themselves.

Recognition/Acknowledgement – one of the most powerful forms of behaviour modification comes from positive reinforcement, so when it comes to encouragement and cheerleading, we’ll be the ones holding the pom poms.

Results/success – its why you hire us. What are we doing here otherwise?

Safety & Trust – growth requires risk but in order to risk, we need to feel a certain level of safety. We establish this through confidentiality, walking our talk, keeping agreements and holding a nonjudgmental space for every client.

Decrease the struggle – Navigating the complexities of life can be tough, and we are committed to easing the passage.

Fun – ‘nuff said!

Things we could stay up all night talking about:

  • How to help people switch off Autopilot before they go too far down a road they don’t really value or want.
  • Exploring the correlation between the rise of technology and the increase in the distance between us.
  • The absence of emotional depth in social networking and how this might be effecting the quality of our relationships.
  • Rippling the mainstream with more depth and realness.
  • The power of random interactions with strangers for creating a greater sense of connectedness.
  • How sharing our stories and experiences empowers us while encouraging others.
  • Life without our ‘inner critics.’
  • Ditching our “Big Book of Appropriate Behaviour.”