Citrus offers a series of corporate training programs that make use of the most current research into peak performance and are tried and tested in the areas of employee development and growth

In a competitive environment, every successful organization knows that one of the ways to foster employee retention and improve bottom line results is to engage in regular and ongoing training for employees.


Specifically designed for:

Any organization wishing to invest in the confidence, development and skill base of it’s employees whether they are front line / customer oriented staff, teams, sales people, Managers / VP’s, or entire departments. Employees consistently rank on-the-job training and development as a valued part of an organizations overall remuneration package.


Citrus Results Formula

All citrus training programs integrate the Citrus results formula, 3 core elements necessary for creating sustainable change. Buy-in, relatability, and urgency. Training programs that don’t include these 3 elements, result in lower levels of learning, participation, retention and ultimately practical application.


1) Buy-in: Through a very interactive introductory module, the participants are given the space to discover for themselves the need to change or adapt and the costs to them personally if they maintain the status quo. This module is the foundation upon which the remainder of the training program rests. Facilitators use their discretion to determine when this point has been reached before proceeding with the skills training modules.

2) Relatable: The framework of the training is easily understood and individually relevant to participants through the use of a “real life/work” framework. All content is anchored in a familiar context.

3) Urgency: Participants are invited to act NOW (rather than at some vague point in the future). All of this focus and energy creates an extremely high level of engagement and participation throughout the program.


Applicable and relevant to your unique situation.

Programs run from ½ day to 2 day sessions depending on client needs. All programs are preceded with an in-depth interview process designed to ensure that an organization’s current needs are addressed with the most appropriate program. Organizations may choose one program but discover through the interview process that Citrus provides another program that is more suitable.

Citrus understands that not all participants learn the same way and this is taken into account with programs that engage all 3 learning styles  – visual, auditory and kinesthetic. The programs integrate individual and group exercises, dynamic visuals and verbal content, ensuring much higher levels of overall participation.

Citrus programs also leverage normal daily energy fluctuations providing appropriate modules to balance the “highs” and “lows,” keeping engagement high.


Program topics include:

  • customer service
  • authentic selling
  • coaching approach
  • effective workplace communication
  • presentation skills
  • time management / personal productivity
  • emotional intelligence
  • avoiding overwhelm and building resiliency
  • conflict management
  • personal impact
  • dealing with difficult people / negative workplace environment

*Citrus also customizes training programs for your organizations unique challenges, goals and desired outcomes.


Benefits of development programs to your organization

  • Increased initiative and responsibility
  • Broader skill base – more versatility
  • Greater individual confidence
  • Stronger team cohesion
  • Consistent delivery of service
  • Alignment between departments or locations
  • Greater employee retention