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Tools are the practical structures that help us move forward in life with greater assurance and confidence. They ease us over the bumps and make the job of change a whole lot more comfortable. If you have any personal growth renos in the works, consider this section your own ‘Home Depot!’ 


Tools for increasing your Self Awareness

It stands to reason that the more one ‘knows thyself,’ the more we know what we want. Digging more deeply into this section is an investment that pays dividends when it comes to planning the rest of our lives.

Confidence Builder – One of the quickest ways to build confidence is to tune into your uniqueness using this inventory tool.

I am . . . – We are all very astute at identifying our so-called weaknesses, but we’re notoriously bad at seeing what makes us amazing. This is a powerful tool for building foundation.

How to ‘feel’ your feelings – While it may be common to hear the term “Emotional Intelligence” these days, the truth is that most of us are woefully ignorant of what it means to simply feel our feelings. This is a simple 5 step process for increasing our sense of aliveness.

Introvert/Extrovert – Which are you? A simple 20-question assessment.

Personality Styles – Based on the 4 Jungian archetypes, this is a simple assessment tool to help you understand your own style while navigating differences more gracefully. Not better. Not worse. Just different.

Doer/Reflector – a simple assessment to help you find more balance.

Troll Travels – A tool for digging more deeply into the ‘essence’ of who you are.

Twenty Things – For people who have a hard time figuring out your preferences, this is a good work-out for your ‘want’ muscle.

Ideal Environment – Having trouble figuring out what’s next in your life? Rather than looking ‘out there’ it can be useful to consider within ourselves first. This tool helps us to identify our areas of strength.

Tools for exploring your Visions and Values

You know you’re not entirely happy with the way things are, but you’ll be damned if you know exactly how you’d like it to be. These tools anchor you in focus and clarity amidst the dizzying array of possibilities out there.

What are my values? – When we get clear on what we value, we are able to make choices that orient our lives for greater fulfillment.

Goal-Setting – Goals offer a practical framework for safeguarding our vision, keeping us on-track and accountable to ourselves.

Hobbies and Interests – Hobbies and interests hold the key to understanding our passions and desires while stimulating our vision for the future.

Wheel of Life – a tool to give you a ‘snapshot’ of your current level of fulfillment across all areas of your life.

Tools for Relationships

It’s one thing to understand ourselves. It’s quite another to understand the hodge-podge that is human relationship. Use these tools to help you develop more tolerance and understanding for one another.

Conflict Management for dummies – The main ingredient in conflict is a failure to take into account the fact that no one sees life the same way. This simple 7-step process will help you to get back on track.

Listen with Impact – a powerfully simple tool that introduces 3 levels of listening for making the most positive impact in relationships. 

Love languages – We all value different things in our romantic relationships. This is a basic assessment tool based on Gary Chapman’s work in “The 5 Love Languages.” Learn how to navigate differences in how we express love.

Wheel of Relationship – Want a snapshot of satisfaction levels in your romantic relationship? This tool explores everything from division of labour, to future vision.

Tools for De-Stressing!

One thing we can all agree on is that life is not getting any simpler. It is now possible to be interrupted simultaneously by Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry messenger, EM, phone calls, LinkedIn and unexpected drop-ins. Overwhelm is becoming the norm. Use these tools to push back.

Grounding visualization – Want a super fast way to drop out of Overwhelm? Try this simple grounding exercise from Richard Carson’s book ‘Taming Your Gremlin.’

3 point check-in – A simple process for grounding yourself throughout the day. 

Taming Your Busy Mind – For those who suffer from 3 a.m. mind, this is a simple 3-step process for decreasing stress and leaving you with greater focus, clarity and vision.

Tools for the Workplace

The practical nature of these tools makes them great for the workplace. Use them to leverage your success.

Leadership Inventory – Interested in making a difference as a leader or manager? Use this assessment tool to help you identify your strengths and areas of growth in the workplace.

Time Management Matrix – Steven Covey’s famous approach that increases success by focusing on the ‘Non-urgent / Important’ to-do items.

Are you enjoying your work? – In order to manage your career effectively, it helps to understand what you enjoy and don’t enjoy in your current work. This tool helps you consider possible moves from a position of strength.

SWOT – A common business tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses while recognizing opportunities and threats.

Wheel of Leadership – a ‘snapshot’ of your overall competency in the work place. Covers areas such as aligning people, promoting change and motivating and inspiring people.