The International Coach Federation, based in Washington D.C., is the largest non-profit professional association of personal and business coaches with more than 5000 members and over 191 chapters in 36 countries. The ICF exists to build, support and preserve the integrity of the coaching profession.

The ICF is actively involved in ongoing research and development of legal, regulatory and certification programs. The federation maintains and upgrades professional standards and administers a certification program that is the gold standard for coaches worldwide. The ICF also conducts the world’s premier coaching conference.

Citrus Coaching Solutions is trained in the Co-Active Coaching model as designed and taught by The Coaches Training Institute—the most established ICF-accredited coach training school. The Co-active model is about equality between the coach and client. There is no hierarchy in this model. Co-active coaching is completely customized and does not categorized clients or address them with standardized solutions.

The Coaches Training Institute defines Co-Active Coaching as:

“To ask questions, listen, and empower rather than instruct and advise. All parts of people’s lives – their careers, relationships, recreation, personal growth, and finances for example – are interrelated and may be addressed on the way to the client’s goal. We coach the whole person to extraordinary results.”