Question of the Week

Did you ever notice how often you see quotations are on the internet? Dr Seuss, Mae West, Frank Zappa, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain. We use their famous words to express ourselves. To inspire. To connect. At least two thirds of my twitter feed are quotes or retweets of what someone else has said. Ditto Facebook and for that matter, most coaching and wellness websites.

Why are we so enamoured with these bite-sized kernels of wisdom?

I think it might have something to do with the fact that our attention spans have shrunk dramatically over the last few decades and ‘bite-sized’ wisdom is often all we have time to digest. I think our overflowing schedules force us to seek out the biggest bang for the smallest amount of effort and quotes fit the criteria. I also think social networking sites, like Twitter, have trained us all to speak in 140 characters or less so we’re comfortable with brevity.

Most importantly though, I think quotes really do have the potential to expand our perspective. With so many distractions and pressure-filled ‘to do’s’ vying for our attention, the unassuming little quotation doesn’t ask anything from us except to take a break. And for most of us, we’re only too happy to do this – even if it’s just for a fraction of a second. Depending on the quote, our openness and receptivity allows the words to reveal new possibilities. Quotes can momentarily jolt us out of our jaded or stuck perspective, giving us a glimpse of something more empowered.

We invite you to sign up for the Citrus ‘quote of the week,’ delivered every Monday to your inbox. It’s free. There are no strings. Some you’ll resonate with and want to pass on. Some you won’t. Most of the quotes are original. And while the majority of quotes can probably be skimmed in 5 seconds or less, their words have the potential to stick with you throughout day. Enjoy!