Typical profile of a life coaching client

What most of my coaching clients have in common is that they are unsatisfied with some aspect of their lives (relationships, jobs, careers, etc.) and even though they are extremely motivated to make meaningful change, they can’t seem to beat back the bushes of their current circumstances long enough to gain traction in a new direction. They may even feel kind of isolated and alone, perceiving resistance or lack of understanding from friends, family or coworkers who don’t understand why they can’t just be happy with what they have. That is usually when they arrive on my doorstep.

Most of my coaching clients have probably had some kind of exposure to various forms of personal growth before working with me. They may have listened to motivational tapes, bought self-help books or gone to workshops or retreats. This probably isn’t their first kick at the can and they may have had some degree of success shifting things in the past.

A lot of my clients are self-aware to some degree (and some are completely oblivious!) They may even understand how they’re getting in their own way (i.e. focusing too much on the negatives, being victimized by their fear, lacking confidence, etc.) They may believe in the power of intention, manifesting and taking responsibility (because they read ‘The Secret’ or something similar 10 years ago) but they haven’t figured out how to transfer that knowledge into experience. They can tell you why being present is important (vs. being in your head all the time), but if they’re being honest, they’ll admit that a lot of the time, they can’t feel their own toes.

Life coaching clients want to feel more fulfilled in whatever they’re doing and can probably envision a more purpose driven life, even if the specifics aren’t entirely clear. Perhaps you recognize yourself in some of the common life coaching scenarios I’ve worked with:

  • You’re feeling trapped in a negative workplace environment filled with people who are invested in keeping things the same. You like your job, but lately, the sentiment, “we’ve always done it this way!” is starting to take its toll.
  • Your gas tanks are low, you’ve been on the hamster wheel for more years than you’d care to remember and your brother/aunt/mother/friend/sister was just diagnosed with a life-threatening illness forcing you to recognize just how short life really is.
  • You think you’d be really good at self-employment or an advanced position with more responsibility, but your confidence keeps getting in the way.
  • You’re tired of playing small and keeping your mouth shut so everyone around you feels comfortable. You’ve got ideas. You’ve got opinions. And by God, its time to start sharing them!
  • You have good instincts about what makes a healthy relationship, but you lack the tools to put it into practice without pissing everyone off.
  • You’re tired of just collecting a paycheque for work that doesn’t really benefit anyone else. You long to contribute to the world in a more meaningful way.


My typical life coaching clients are motivated by fulfillment, making a meaningful difference in the world and being in integrity.

Life coaching clients come from all walks of life. They are men and women between the ages of 25 and 60, often career oriented and/or entrepreneurially minded (whether they work or stay-at-home), married, single or divorced, kids or not. They are Drivers, Expressives, Analyticals and Supporters,* paycheque collectors, news addicts, internet junkies, Facebook socialites and anyone feeling overworked and overwhelmed by the speed and complexity of our everyday lives.

*Personality Styles based on the 4 Jungian archetypes