Personal Coaching

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; Ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

What does fulfillment look like to you?

Carolyn, a successful career woman, desperately wants to find better balance between her work and home life. She believes that with a little more effort and a weekly kick in the backside from her coach, she can have it all.

What Carolyn can’t see is that she doesn’t have any more energy to give. She is already operating at full throttle, and, without realizing it, she is depending almost entirely on her career for fulfillment. No wonder she works such long hours.

By expanding the coaching focus to include all the areas of her life (health, fun, relationships, personal growth and family) Carolyn uncovers essential values and interests that she hasn’t been paying attention to. As she learns to derive fulfillment from other areas, Carolyn is able to pull back on the throttle a bit and enjoy the ride.

Life coaching is a process of remapping your ‘inner game’ so you can learn to play the ‘outer game’ more effectively. Whether you’re struggling in a life that’s full but not fulfilling, or spinning your wheels in the wrong job or relationship, (and everything in between) life coaching partners with you in your transition towards greater fulfillment and an increased sense of self-efficacy – believing in your ability to succeed.

Citrus offers several different coaching approaches to help you create a life of greater fulfillment. With coaching, you get out what you put in and to help you choose the most appropriate program for you, take a moment to consider the 3 ingredients you supply – time, energy and money.


Sessions run 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length and are held every week, every other week or every month. Do you prefer quick, concentrated hits of insight or longer, more in-depth exploration. Does your fast-paced nature need greater frequency or are you the kind of person who needs to chew on things for awhile? All Citrus programs can be tweaked for greater or lesser duration and frequency.


Coaching sessions require a particular kind of reflective energy to create the deeper learning necessary for sustainable change. If you are a ‘doer’ by nature, you may find that the slower pace of introspection leaves you feeling a little more fatigued. While a balance between doing and reflecting is important for a fulfilling life, remember to choose a program that invites you to stretch, but not so far you come to dread the effort your sessions require.


Coaching requires a sizeable investment. You’re basically hiring me to be as interested in your life and your goals are you are. You are hiring me to hold you accountable with regular and consistent check-ins, to provide supportive and inspiring feedback, to challenge you when I think you’re letting yourself off the hook and to continually string the whole picture together for you so that at any given time, you know where you’re at on the map. Coaching is highly customized and about as supportive and encouraging as it gets. True transformation requires a big commitment and short cuts don’t work. For its comprehensiveness, coaching is unparalleled in the helping profession. Of course having a budget is important, but don’t start by asking yourself what you can afford. Start by asking what personal fulfillment is worth to you.