Our Vision & Mission

Despite the prevailing cultural emphasis on doing everything ourselves, the fact is that nobody gets anywhere in life on their own.

Every achievement rests, in large or small part, on the shoulders of many others, and pretending it doesn’t, perpetuates the debilitating notion that it’s not okay to ask for help. Take, for example, that ‘personal best’ you achieved on a recent 10K run. Could you really have gotten out for all those training runs if you didn’t have someone at home managing your kids? Or how about that new promotion at work? What about all those endless phone conversations with co-workers to help you prepare for the interviews? Even that gourmet meal you’re patting yourself on the back for making would have been much more difficult without the organic farmers, fishermen, store clerks, transport companies, etc.

It’s not a solo act folks, and continuing to pretend that it is makes life far more challenging and isolating than it needs to be.

Once upon a time, we were hard wired together. Support and help was naturally inherent in our smaller, tightly-knit communities and no one would have thought twice about asking or expecting it. And it wasn’t just barn-building or bringing in the harvest. A grandparent, uncle, distant cousin or trusted family friend would have been there at the critical moments to dispense wise counsel and help us make important life decisions.

But those days have changed, and even though we may have hundreds of ‘friends’ on Facebook, the number of people we actually feel safe enough to be vulnerable with is only a fraction of that. So while it may still be true that ‘no man is an island,’ the growing isolation between us would indicate otherwise.

That is why we are so passionately committed to waking people up to the reality that success is a communal affair and that not only is it okay to ask for help, its vital.

And it’s why we’re here! And in fact, probably why coaching came into being in the first place.

Through all of our coaching, training and facilitation programs, we are dedicated to emulating and expanding on the traditional support network from days of old. Rather than just feeding you, we’ll teach you to fish. We’ll help you remap a new game plan, awaken new dreams and visions, take your performance to a higher level, set compelling outcomes, help you take charge of your own choices so you can enjoy a greater sense of self-efficacy. We’ll be the supportive sounding board, the cheerleader (you can do it!) devil’s advocate (are you sure this is what you want?) and accountability partner to keep you on track.

And when our clients are ready to move on, we’ll ensure they’ve built and nurtured their own supportive communities for the rest of the journey.

When people are willing to lean on others, they move forward in life with more confidence, grace and ease. Working together allows everyone to make a bigger difference in the world.