Meet Christina Sestan

How does one foster the conditions for real and sustainable change?

This is the question that has propelled Christina for most of her adult life. As a student of human nature from a very young age, Christina noticed that people often said one thing and yet did something completely different. This gap perplexed her and set her on a quest to discover what really makes people tick. Her life-long journey has been rich and full of discovery and she has parlayed all of her considerable wisdom, experience and education into the business of supporting others and creating the conditions for real change. Her approach to organizational and leadership development is holistic, balanced, powerful and sustainable.


“People don’t really need more tools,” Christina says. “Have you seen how many tools are available on the internet? No, we need to learn how to better leverage our own leadership which sometimes means getting out of our own way.” 

Working largely in the realm of Leading Self and Personal Mastery, Christina has supported thousands of individuals and teams through coaching, training sessions, facilitation and key note speaking to create stronger partnerships, set clear values-based goals, achieve better results, work through conflict, build trust, understand others better and ultimately experience more fulfillment and satisfaction in life.


“Life is short,” she says. “We spend up to 70% of our waking life at work? Doesn’t that fact at least require us to stop and consider whether we are engaged in something that matters to us?”

Like other successful coaches, Christina’s immersion into the coaching world 15 years ago came on the heels of a well-rounded portfolio of leadership experiences in a multitude of private and public sector organizations. Christina obtained a certified professional coaching designation in 2003 and went on immediately to complete an intensive 2-year facilitator training program that laid the groundwork for her mastery at the front of the room today.

Most recently, Christina spent five years working as an internal consultant with a large provincial health authority in order to expand her understanding of the challenges on the inside of an organization and to build up her own leadership skill set. During this time, she also completed a Master of Arts degree in Leadership as well as numerous other cutting-edge certifications in coaching, leadership and organizational development fields that include Human Systems Dynamics, Clear Leadership, Power Index, Power & Systems, Coaching out of the Box and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Christina is a dedicated practitioner of what she teaches, continually striving to grow and develop in her own life and weaving self-discoveries into her work.  Christina works with her own coach.

Christina is the owner and founder of Citrus Coaching Solutions.