Lunch & Learn

How it works:

These lunchtime sessions are a unique and fun way to shake up the energy in the office and give your team or department an hour of inspiration and education. To ensure minimal disruption and impact, we work with your schedule. Our sessions accommodate groups ranging from 5 – 100. Talks range from 40 – 60 minutes and allow time for participant questions and group discussions. Program content is relevant, making use of the most current research into human development. Where many motivational talks leave participants short of a practical game plan, Citrus Lunch & Learn sessions are realistic and relevant, offering easy to follow steps designed to continue the learning long after the talk is finished.

Note: these sessions also allow your organization a no-obligation way to “sample” the distinct style of citrus coaching solutions.


Specifically designed for:

  • Any team, department or group who would benefit from an “injection” of empowering inspiration.
  • Groups or teams with low engagement levels or underperforming employees
  • Teams, departments or organizations that have recently been through transition – downsizing, merging, etc. or facing new company objectives.
  • Longer term employees who have become entrenched in the “this is the way we’ve always done it” mentality.
  • Employees with overloaded task lists or complicated projects to manage and who are trying to do more with less


Benefits to your organization

  • Increases initiative, empowerment, engagement and overall productivity and performance
  • Adds value without breaking your budget
  • Doesn’t disrupt your work schedule
  • Encourages cross-pollination between departments
  • Requires minimal effort on your part – turn-key session
  • Wakes people up and gets them thinking and asking questions
  • Increases positivity, creativity and collaboration


Topics include:

  • Job Satisfaction – when it comes to being happier in the workplace, we have much more control than we think. This session helps participants step more fully into empowering and energizing perspectives that ultimately lead to greater satisfaction.
  • In Focus – Find out what sets top performers apart. Discover 5 steps for developing a laser focus that will motivate, inspire and encourage you to set challenging goals in every area of your life.
  • Energy Management – It’s not just about fitting more into less. Learn to predict your daily energy cycles, from the “power hour,” to the “dip.” Create an upward spiral, capitalizing on your energy investments.
  • Navigating from within – Discover a sense of satisfaction that relies less on others and more on ourselves. Learn to tap motivation through a process of exploring inwards instead of expending energy outwards in failed attempts to change people or situations. Through this simple shift, we find the true power to shape their lives.