This coaching program is more holistic that Fast Trak, starting with a comprehensive ‘snapshot’ of the client’s current life. The initial vision-building phase of this program works with the client to greatly expand self-awareness while clearly defining their wants and needs for each area of their lives – health, career, relationship, fun, money, etc. Once the initial phase is complete, any areas of the ‘snapshot’ that are currently out of alignment with the vision are targeted for change. The coach and client co-design a strategic plan for moving the client towards their vision. Throughout this phase, the coach works closely with the client’s “internal operating system” to ensure self-sabotaging behavior is minimized and barriers are removed. Over the course of six months, the coach and client use the sessions to “check-in,” deepen learning and forward action through targeted homework ensuring continued forward momentum until a client’s goals are achieved.

Program details:  Two 60-minute sessions per month for six months.

Fee: $500/mo.

Discovery Session

The optional Discovery Session is an extremely enlightening and energizing 3-hour client exploration session that increases the effectiveness of any of the Citrus Coaching programs. While regular sessions tend to focus on vision and goals and getting there, the Discovery Session specifically sets out to understand as much as possible about who the client is as well as their unique orientation to life (‘Internal Operating System,’ gremlins / inner critics, personality style, perspectives, values, wants, passions and preferences). As with an ‘Operators Manual,’ the coach and client gain valuable insights for customizing the most effective coaching container possible. Investing time at the beginning tends to turbo-charge and focus a client’s growth and momentum during the regular coaching sessions.

Fee: $500/3 hr session.

Can be added to any program.