A powerful booster to address company challenges with minimal scheduling impact

Sometimes an organization or group needs an “injection” of inspiration and motivation to lift a team over a hump or simply to celebrate and reward employees after a significant organizational accomplishment. At other times, an organization may find that employees are not aligned with the overall company vision but have no plan to bring everyone back onto the same sheet of music.

Specifically designed for manager retreats or conferences, Networking groups, Sales teams, meeting planners, department heads, trade shows, product launches.


Keynote presentations:

  • Provide a unifying vision that gets people talking and interacting in new and energetic ways.
  • Are designed to be holistic and “big picture” focused
  • Offer participants a chance to shift out of the usual way of reacting to work and life situations
  • An invitation to contemplate a higher view of what’s possible.
  • Are grounded in practical and simple “how to” steps that participants can take away with them.

Motivational and Keynote presentations create connection among audience participants and channel individuals to their own resourcefulness. Citrus presentations generate an atmosphere of engagement and possibility that stays with participants long after the session has ended. Audience members will walk away with a “can do” attitude and the clear and basic steps they need to empower themselves on an ongoing basis.

Presentations draw from a rich collection of life anecdotes and relatable experience coupled with current research in the area of human development. Together, these factors create an entertaining, inspiring and relatable program, ensuring a high degree of audience engagement.
Keynote topics include:

  • Navigating from within – a guide to tapping your greatest resource – YOU!
  • Focus – the ingredient that sets top performers apart
  • Staying positive in a negative environment – how to find your ground in a turbulent workplace
  • Job Satisfaction – when it comes to being happier in the workplace, we have more control than we think
  • “Inside/Out” – discover a sense of satisfaction that relies less on others and more on ourselves
  • Energy management – it’s not just about fitting more into less.
  • Avoiding Overwhelm – excessive busyness has become the workplace norm. Learn to sidestep the pitfall of overwhelm
  • Emotional Intelligence – if 80% of our impulses are emotionally driven what does this mean for our workplace relationships?

Presentations can also be customized to address specific organizational requirements. Keynote and motivational speaking can be delivered in as little as 30 minutes and up to a half-day session. Talks can be geared for groups of 5 to 500.
Benefits to the organization

Motivational and keynote speaking provides a quick and powerful surge of energy that:

  • Improves morale
  • Increases initiative
  • Aligns vision
  • Refreshes tired teams
  • Lightens the mood
  • Engages creativity
  • Bonds groups of people