ANJ Magazine

May/June 2013 – Navigating from Within

Jan/Feb 2013 – Navigating from Within

July/August 2012 – Join me in Dallas as I cover the 2012 Women in Aviation International conference for Aviation Journal News. Find the article on page 14, 15 and 27.

Sept/October 2012 – Want to untangle the messier aspects of workplace relationships? Check out my new column in AJN – “Navigating from Within. HR tips from the Trenches.”

Galt Global Review

Energy Management – Faye Mallett of Galt Global Review, a weekly online HR eZine interviews me about the link between energy and bottom line results.

Is Harmonizing Hurting Your Bottom Line – What’s the cost of keeping our mouth shut in the workplace? Find out in this article I wrote for Galt Global Review.