Fast Track

The Fast-Trak program is a lighter, more abbreviated version of the Lifestyle program, and focuses specifically on one or two smaller areas of transition in the client’s life. This program is great for clients who have experienced coaching before and are already competent in their ability to balance and set goals, or clients who want more of a gradual entry into the coaching process. The Fast-trak program is primarily designed to help clients address one or two challenges that might be holding them back in specific areas of life.

Program details:  Two 30-minute sessions per month for three months.

Fee: $300/mo.

Discovery Session

The optional Discovery Session is an extremely enlightening and energizing 3-hour client exploration session that increases the effectiveness of any of the Citrus Coaching programs. While regular sessions tend to focus on vision and goals and getting there, the Discovery Session specifically sets out to understand as much as possible about who the client is as well as their unique orientation to life (‘Internal Operating System,’ gremlins / inner critics, personality style, perspectives, values, wants, passions and preferences). As with an ‘Operators Manual,’ the coach and client gain valuable insights for customizing the most effective coaching container possible. Investing time at the beginning tends to turbo-charge and focus a client’s growth and momentum during the regular coaching sessions.

Fee: $500/3 hr session.

Can be added to any program.