Senior Leader

Individual Coaching – Executive / Manager

“The higher you go in an organization, the fewer opportunities there are to find someone to coach you on day-to-day problems you may be dealing with. The president, in fact, is in the worst position of anyone in the company.”
– Financial Post

Citrus works with each Executive/Manager to clarify his or her vision, positively impact company culture, assess personal strengths and weaknesses, establish measures of effectiveness, create positive work/life balance, and provide a sounding board for new ideas and approaches to business problems.

Program details: This program includes a 2 hour intake session to design the relationship, define specific goals and identify internal and external barriers. The intake session is followed by two 45-minute sessions per month for 4 months (via phone or in-person where possible).

Fee: $3500
All coaching sessions are completely confidential. Citrus understands that during coaching sessions, employees may reveal business plans, customer information, financial information, personal information and other proprietary information. Nothing will be disclosed to a third party at any time.

Coaching relationships are dynamic and flexible and tailored for each individual client to ensure desired results are achieved. Both parties agree to be open and forthright with one another about the relationship throughout the contract period. If at any time an employee feels that the relationship is not providing value, it will be their responsibility to provide clear feedback to the coach for a re-design of the relationship.


How business coaching benefits your organization

  • Increased initiative, empowerment, engagement and overall productivity and performance
  • Increased positivity, creativity and collaboration
  • Decreased stress and increased job satisfaction
  • Greater clarity and focus around larger company vision
  • Requirement for less supervision or hand-holding
  • Improved relationships with other employees
  • More flexibility with perspectives or ways of viewing situations
  • Problem reporting shifts to problem-solving
  • Coaching development positively impacts surrounding employees