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Most people spend the majority of the time in their “mind.” We think up to 95,000 thoughts per day and most of those thoughts are repetitive and not particularly useful. We entertain doubts, fears and worries. We analyze things to the point of paralysis. We cling to the past or future, replaying mind movies over and over. Undoubtedly our mind is a valuable and powerful tool, but more times than not, it runs us rather than the other way around. And this gets in the way of our healthy growth and development.

Encounter style coaching facilitates, encourages, engenders and supports the practice of presence and dropping out of our hyper-active mind activity.

Powerful resources are available to us when we come from the current moment:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Focus and direction
  • Vision and goals
  • Creativity
  • Big picture
  • 100% engagement / participation
  • Purpose / meaning
  • Big heartedness / care / contribution
  • Lack of distraction, limiting beliefs, control patterns

There’s a whole healing process that takes place when we drop out of mind/ego and directly experience our current reality (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual). Being with ourselves clearly and without masks allows us to utilize our natural resourcefulness.

Encounter coaching provides regular ‘injections’ of presence in our otherwise busy life. Sessions run from 30 – 60 minutes and can be booked on an as-needed basis. Clients are encouraged to ‘just show up,’ instead of coming prepared with an agenda or specific issues they want to focus on. The sessions provide an opportunity to drop everything and just be.

Fee:  $150 / 30 minute session or $300 / 60 minute session