Leadership Coaching

Citrus coaching programs work with employees, managers, VP’s and company owners to unravel confusion and get people working together in a powerful way.

“Tough times have a way of exposing the sinews under the suit.”

Coaching can play a critical role in corporations. Overwhelming task lists, office politics, unclear job descriptions, lack of reporting structure and little to no performance feedback are all too common. If employees aren’t happy, the company isn’t going to be profitable and everybody loses.

“Any fool can be a leader in good times.”

Leadership coaching is customized and tailored to each employee in a way that traditional training solutions fall short.

The relationship is a challenging and provocative form of conversation that assists an individual in tapping their own unique resources and abilities to make significant changes, move forward into new areas and/or release patterns that prevent them from achieving results. Individual coaching is about listening and empowerment – not about telling people what to do. And the results are both specific and measurable.

Harvard University research shows that 85% of top performers and managers’ success is due to people skills that can be developed and mastered through coaching.

Coaching works to build greater independence and autonomy. Employees are encouraged to take ownership for their own growth

Coaching works best for managers, VP’s, Supervisors, front-line staff, sales teams, company owners. All levels within the organization will benefit from one on one or group coaching.


There are three levels of engagement

  1. Individual Coaching – Executive / Manager
  2. Individual Coaching – Manager / Supervisor / Employee
  3. Team / Group Coaching


How business coaching benefits your organization

  • Increased initiative, empowerment, engagement and overall productivity and performance
  • Increased positivity, creativity and collaboration
  • Decreased stress and increased job satisfaction
  • Greater clarity and focus around larger company vision
  • Requirement for less supervision or hand-holding
  • Improved relationships with other employees
  • More flexibility with perspectives or ways of viewing situations
  • Problem reporting shifts to problem-solving
  • Coaching development positively impacts surrounding employees