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Running into Whole Foods the other morning to buy a muffin, I noticed a homeless man sitting across from the entrance. He was an older guy wearing a bunch of mismatched layers with the usual assortment of bags and a little cardboard sign asking for change. I wasn’t surprised to see him. Whole Foods always seems to attract the homeless. A lot of well-heeled people shop there.

But as I got closer to the entrance, I began walking a little faster, moving to the inside of the sidewalk away from him and fumbling for something in my purse to avert my eyes. The word ‘sorry’ was already forming on my lips and he hadn’t even asked me for anything yet.  Really?  Me?  Geez.  Not exactly the compassionate and fearless soul I think I am. Don’t tell anyone. The fall from grace would cover me with bruises.  I know in my guts that homeless people have as much right to dignity as I do, so what was with the cringe? Was this a ‘privileged …

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