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Our Suspicious Minds

There’s an older guy at my gym. He’s one of those weight lifters from a bygone era who would probably bench press me into the wall if he heard himself referred to as someone from a bygone era. He’s there at the same time every day, working out with his weight belt, gloves and weights carefully organized around him.

I never really noticed him at first except in the brief moment passing by on my way from the treadmill to the small weight room off the main gym. I generally steered clear of the scene in the main gym, preferring weight-lifting in private. But as always happens in life, things change and one morning I came in to discover that my private little weight room was no longer. The personal trainers had snatched it up, leaving me the choice of either working out on the women’s only side with the ear splitting techno beat (no wonder they got rid of the aquarium – those poor fish!) or insert myself into the mainly male territory …

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