Meet Christina Sestan

“The line between who I am and what I do is disappearing!”

Christina discovered coaching quite by accident after the shutdown of the corporate aviation base where she had worked as the sales and marketing manager until 2002. During a 3 month career counseling program that followed, Christina stumbled across a relatively new profession called “Life Coaching.”

In her research, Christina was surprised to discover that coaching covered much of the same territory that she’d oriented most of her life and career around. For the previous 10 years, Christina had been fascinated with human development and peak performance. Christina’s management positions afforded her the opportunity to develop employee empowerment activities, sales motivation, training, group facilitation, team cohesion, process improvement, and mentoring. She was adept at identifying and tapping potential in employees and as a result, was well respected within the organizations where she worked.

Re-energized by her discovery of coaching, and eager to launch her own company, Christina initiated an intensive 18 month certified coaching program with The Coaches Training Institute of San Rafael, California – one of the largest and most established coach training organizations worldwide. She received the Certified Professional Co-Active Coach designation (CPCC).

Christina spent an additional 18 months training as a corporate trainer and facilitator with Dynamic Achievement Group to enable her to expand her service offerings to include corporate training and development.

Since launching Citrus in 2002, Christina has spent thousands of hours working with corporate and individual clients. Christina believes that every experience in her life has played a key role in preparing her for coaching and developing people. It is the place where her experience, skills and talents, hopes and passions come together.

Christina is a dedicated practitioner of what she teaches, continually striving to grow and develop in her own life and weaving self-discoveries into her work. The line between who she is and what she does is almost non-existent and her clients appreciate her authenticity and warmth.

Christina is the owner and founder of Citrus Coaching Solutions.